About Us

ASAC specializes in research, design and manufacturing of marine chains, mooring chains and accessories since 1981. ASAC is recognized globally for its huge production capacity and design capabilities. Over the past 40 years, ASAC has evolved into the world’s leading mooring chain manufacturer with an annual output of nearly 350,000 tons of chains, 5,000 tons of accessories. More than 60% of its products are exported and used widely in fields such as offshore oil & gas platforms, offshore wind power, marine ranching and shipping. 

Our Employees

ASAC strives to create a conducive and safe working environment for all our employees. 

Our human resource team is always looking at ways to nurture and develop talents within ASAC. Regular trainings are conducted for both managers and technicians as part of career development. 

We welcome talents who are interested to join our family. Interested applicants may send your resume and application letter to office@asac.cn


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Our Values

We strive to exceed our clients expectations by delivering economical & effective mooring solutions through quality products and services.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an area ASAC’s management pays huge focus on. Since 2011, the company became a member of the UN Global Compact Agreement. As such, ASAC strictly adheres to and strives to exceed the vision and objective of this agreement. ASAC has also made economic and social contributions towards the progress of the society as the company develop rapidly over the years.

ASAC participated in various social welfare activities. It has invested more than 10M RMB in social welfare infrastructures such as setting up of community centers and activity centers for seniors. ASAC has also assist with improving the overall cleanliness of its community. Staff also volunteered to spend time with seniors within the community. Lunch subsidies was also provided for seniors living alone in the surrounding communities. 

As sustainability is a core value within ASAC, the company actively invests to innovate on the production of their equipment such that renewable and clean energy sources is utilized to reduce carbon emissions. The company has replaced energy-consuming street lamps in its facilities with photovoltaic lighting equipment within the last 10 years. 

More than 10M RMB have been spent to set up photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roofs of its plant. Environmental protection equipment was also set up for its oil- water separation, noise separation wall and exhaust gas purification within ASAC’s facilities.