Solar Powered Manufacturing Facilities

Over the past decade, AsAc invested more than 10M RMB in both R & D of products as well as upgrading of its facilities with environmental protection in mind. Noise reduction walls, cleansing of waste gas and reducing the use of electrical energy by substituting with clean energy are some initiatives taken to ensure low carbon emission in manufacturing of its products. This is in line with the company’s aim to reduce carbon emission by 5,000 tons annually.

Floating wind farms will be one of the mainstream source of energy moving forward.

Recognizing that renewable energy is the way moving forward, AsAc is interested to work with all relevant parties (either in traditional wind farms using Monopiles) or wind farms adopting Tension Leg Platforms method. ASAC is open to work with all partners in generating sustainable and renewable energy. 

The expected output capacity growth in wind farms is expected to be 104.3%. Come 2030, the estimated capacity is 16.5 GW versus the 0.057GW we are currently generating. 

Within the next 5 years, the expected output capacity of wind farms is estimated to grow by 104.3%. Based on the analysis of GWEC in 2021, the capacity of offshore wind farms is estimated to be more than 16.5GW.

Currently, Europe is the market leader with 47% of the market share followed by Asia with 45% and North America at 8%. Even though the contribution of offshore wind farms is mediocre at 0.1%, it is estimated that by 2030, offshore wind farms will contribute up to 6.1% of energy generation. 

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