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Market Scope

Market Scope

Exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, the anchor chains and mooring chains of the company are widely used by domestic and foreign users in ship, shipping and marine engineering industries. AsAc has sales and service points in Europe, the United States, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

Main Users

       Our products are among the key products selected by major domestic and foreign ships, marine engineering industries in projects of various scales.  Major domestic users: Shanghai-Jiangnan Changxing, Hudong-zhonghua and Waigaoqiao; Guangdong-Huangpu, Wenchong, Longxue, Guangzhou Shipyard International, CMHI (Shenzhen) and Guangdong Cosco; Liaoning-Dalian Heavy Industry and Bohai Heavy Industry; Jiangsu-Chengxi Shipyard, New Century, New Yangzijiang and Yangzijiang; Zhejiang-Jinhai; Shandong-Beihai, Raffles, Yellow Sea, Qingdao and Rushan; Fujian-Mawei, Southeast, Guanhai, Xiamen and Fuzhou; Hubei-Wuchang; dozens of major shipbuilding companies along the Yangtze River; China National Offshore Oil Corporation; scientific research ships such as “Xue Long”.
       Some foreign users: famous companies such as "Maersk Line" Denmark, "Hyundai" South Korea, "Mitsubishi" Japan, SBM, TRANSOCEAN, PETROBRAS,Franklin  Offshore, Gazprom Russia and INTERMOOR, key projects such as giant cruise ship "Oasis of the Seas", RMS Queen Mary 2" and " Freedom of the Seas".

  • Freedom of the Seas
  • Ocean Oasis
  • Maersk Line
  • Xuelong Scientific Research Ship
  • Queen Mary 2
  • R5 mooring chain is equipped on FPSO project
  • Yaxing R5 mooring chain is equipped on CNOOC-981 project

Communication Service

In order to meet the performance requirements of different customers for chain products, Asian Star  has carried out research on fatigue, corrosion, stress corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement and abrasion, and provides users with materials design, structure optimization, process research and surface treatment. Targeted solutions create greater value.

 Users at home and abroad often come to the company for on-site inspections and exchanges, business negotiations, etc., so that we can keep abreast of the latest needs of users, provide help and solve problems.

  • AsAc has a business exchange with ABS of the United States

  • Cnoooc-AsAc R5 Grade Mooring Chain Commencement Ceremony

  • Communicate with the user

  • AsAc Field Service Team

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