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Major equipment

         The company has 25 self-designed and self-manufactured large & medium-sized chain production lines and 8 automatic vertical chain heat treatment production lines which can be used to produce high-strength chains with a diameter between 12.5 mm and 240 mm. The annual capacity reaches 300,000 tons. The flash welding system is equipped with automatic monitoring and recording device. The heat treatment system is capable of remote monitoring and automatic recording. Therefore, parameters and curves can be viewed at any time from the server.

         In addition, the company has 7 forging production lines and 9 heat treatment furnaces for accessories, which can be used to produce accessories of various shapes and sizes such as joining shackles, Kent shackles, swivel and swivel shackles, D shackles, bow shackles, H shackles, eye plates, buoy shackles, mooring hooks, ROV shackles, etc. The maximum weight of single forging piece can reach 8 tons, the nominal size can reach 187 mm, and the annual production capacity can reach 5,000 tons.

        The company has hundred sets of world-leading automatic production lines and other professional equipment for anchor chains, mooring chains and accessories. With complete and superior equipment, the company is capable of producing 300,000 tons of chains and accessories annually, and can deliver products in a short period. The Jingjiang plant is located along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and owns a 10 thousand-ton deep-water wharf, enabling 24-hour convenient transportation of products, raw materials, etc.


        The main production equipment are:

        34 sets of  chain making units  (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11); 8 sets of automatic chain heat treatment furnace; 5 sets of automatic chain tensile testing machine (2000 kn, 5000 kn, 12000 kN, 24000 kN); 4 sets of chain shot blasting machine;6 automatic forging production lines ( 1T close-die forging production line, 3T close-die forging production line, 5T close-die forging production line, 8T close-die forging production line, 8T close-die forging line. These lines are capable of producing accessories of various types and sizes, including single piece with maximum weight of 8 tons and nominal size bigger than 187 mm) . Besides, the company also possesses 6 sets of bending / forming machine, 9 sets of heating furnace, 8 sets of heat treatment furnace, 19 sets of machining equipment, 15 sets of cranes of various kinds and large car cranes etc.

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