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Human Resources

       The fine planning and continuous supplementation and training of talents are the cornerstones of the company's development.

       The company has various management and technical personnel. Management and technical personnel account for 15% of the workforce. Among them, 22 are senior scientific research and technical personnel, and many senior part-time technical personnel are hired to provide regular business and technical training and continuing education for various management and technical personnel.

       The company and famous domestic research institutes, universities and enterprises, such as China Shipbuilding 9th Design Institute, 702,708 704 and 725 Research Institute, Shanghai More than 10 units including Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, Jiangsu University and Baosteel Research Institute have established long-term strategic cooperative relations. A number of successful cooperations have been carried out in technical aspects such as product and equipment research and development, testing, and new technologies.



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